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What is Bali Kratom

Often considered a “go-to” strain by Kratom enthusiasts, Bali Kratom is widely available for purchase from most vendors.  The strain gets its name from the area in which it was originally grown, the Indonesian island province of Bali.  It is safe to assume, however, that this strain is being grown in other parts of Indonesia as well.

Due to its affordability and strength of effects, Bali Kratom is one of the most popular strains sold today and is sought after by novice and long-term Kratom users alike.  This strain is distinguishable by its relatively dark leaves and has predominant sedating and analgesic effects, when compared to other “faster” strains such as Maeng Da.

The Bali strain is said to be very well balanced in terms of alkaloid content and may contain specific alkaloids that are not present in other popular strains.  Kratom trees are unique and possess varying concentrations of active compounds from plant to plant.  For instance, some strains may have heavier traces of 7-hydroxymitragynine (an active alkaloid) than others.  The  even balance of alkaloids in the Bali Kratom strain is perhaps one of the reasons it is so agreeable with many.

Bali Effects

This particular strain is known for its relaxing qualities and is considered to be subtle in its effects.  It has the ability to be stimulating at low doses but is generally found to be more sedating than other strains.  Although calming in nature, its effects are very potent.

It is most commonly used for pain relief, sleep aid and to enhance mood.  User reports have shown that it can be effective at reducing feelings of anxiety and depression as well as increasing overall mental well-being.

Those with chronic or severe pain may effectively use this Kratom strain as an alternative to harsh narcotics.

Bali Kratom is known for having a fast onset and slightly shorter half-life than other strains.  The effects can be felt in as little as 15 minutes but may only last a few hours as opposed to other strains, that can seem to provide all-day effects.  Combining Bali Kratom with faster strains such as Maeng Da offer some the best of both worlds.

Bali Dosage

The amount of Kratom you should consume is dependent on what your goals are.  Larger doses are usually required (>5 grams) to unlock the pain relieving properties of this strain.  For those searching for an increase in energy or light lift in mood, it is likely that a smaller dose (<5 grams) would be more suitable.

Like all strains, it will be necessary to practice some trial and error until you reach an optimal dose for your desired effects.  As always, certain factors will affect how long and how strong  your Kratom effects will take place.

When and how much you have eaten, how much you weigh, the method of consumption and the quality of the Kratom itself are all things to keep in mind when determining your optimal dose.  High quality Kratom will generally produce effects from a minimal dose and at the quickest rate when it is taken on an empty stomach.

Here are some general guidelines to follow, when determining how much Kratom you should take…


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Bali Overview

This strain is affordable, potent and well balanced.  Because of this, it is a reliable option for all Kratom users and especially excellent for beginners.  Considered a great strain for relaxation and pain relief.  Some also use it for its anxiety and depression relieving properties.

Like all strains, Bali Kratom can be energizing at low doses and sedating at high doses.  Its effects can be made to last longer when it is combined with other long-lasting strain types such as Maeng Da.

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