Best Kratom For Pain: A Comparison of Strains

best kratom for pain

Using Kratom For Pain Relief

Kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is an alternative medicine native to Southeast Asia.  It has been used for centuries by people of all demographics to enhance their performance and treat their ailments.  Kratom offers a range of benefits ranging from extreme stimulation to heavy sedation.

Perhaps one of the most amazing uses of this herb is that it is able to effectively reduce physical pain.  There are pages of Kratom testimonials available online that prove that this plant is healing people of severe pain and helping them become free of there addiction to pharmaceuticals and opiate-based drugs.

How is an organic plant from Asia able to do this?  Kratom is made up of dozens of active alkaloids.  It’s most abundant alkaloid is a compound called mitragynine.  This unique alkaloid is not an opiate but instead, is an opioid agonist that is primarily responsible for the pain-relieving qualities of the Mitragyna Speciosa Tree.  It accomplishes this via the opioid receptors in the brain.

This plant is able to effectively relieve pain by soothing the receptors and is not highly addictive like other harsh drugs.  Once a patient is able to determine the proper Kratom type and dosing levels for their unique situation, Kratom can be a good alternative pain medication.

What is the Best Kratom For Pain?

If you are a follower of this blog, then you should know that there are many different Kratom types and each of them is a little different than the other.  Some are better at providing energy or focus while others are great for pain relief and insomnia.  There are dozens of effects the plant can produce and each type has its certain strengths and weaknesses.

As mentioned, one of the main uses of Mitragyna Speciosa is to relieve chronic or acute pain symptoms.  Generally speaking, red vein Kratom strains are usually best for this type of effect.  While practically any strain can provide pain relief at the correct dose, it is widely agreed upon that red vein strains are particularly suited to provide sedation and pain relief upon ingestion.  White vein and green vein strains can be effective as well, and if you find that you are suited to one of those then by all means do what works for you, but new users of Kratom are usually recommended to start with a red vein to help ease their pain.

Indo, Borneo and Bali are all great strains for pain relief and will provide a good deal of sedation.  Thai and Malay strains can be good pain relievers but are not usually as sedating as the aforementioned strains.  If you are looking for pain relief without a decrease in your energy levels, then it may be worth it to try these strains out.

In the end, the best Kratom for pain is determined by the individual user.  Everyone’s body composition and pain profile is unique, so this is not a one-strain-fits-all situation.  For those unfamiliar with the Kratom plant, purchasing a sample pack can be a good way to introduce yourself to the varying effects that different strains offer.

How Much Kratom to Take to Relieve Pain

Using the correct Kratom dosage is a significant part of the equation in finding the best Kratom for pain.  Even more important than the strain, is the amount of Kratom that is taken in order to receive proper pain relieving effects.  Below is the general Kratom dosing guide.

Most Kratom users reach their desired effects in the mild and moderate ranges, however an individual with severe to extreme pain may need to use more to ease their symptoms.  Please keep in mind that although Kratom may relieve your pain, it should not be used as a crutch.  Always use the smallest amount of Kratom that it takes to ease your symptoms.  As time passes, it is good to try and lower your dose and use Kratom more sporadically.  If you are new to Kratom then taking more than 3 grams your first time is generally not suggested.

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Things to Keep in Mind…

Kratom can have amazing healing properties and is an effective pain reliever for many.  Many folks have been able to stop using prescription medications by replacing them with Kratom.  This is a pretty incredible feat for an all-natural herb, especially one that is as readily available and affordable as Kratom.

The best Kratom for pain is dependent on personal preference.  If you are unsure, starting with a good red vein should point you in the right direction.  If you don’t like the feeling of taking something every time you are in pain, then try brewing Kratom tea to make the experience more soothing.

Keep your doses as low as needed and try to use a steady dose every time.  If you continue to increase the amount of Kratom that you are taking then you may begin to develop a tolerance.  This isn’t of major concern as Kratom is quite safe.  The side effects of Kratom are mild and there is no inherent risk of overdose.  Like anything, use your best judgement and exercise caution when putting something new into your body.  Use the tips from this article, and in no time you will have discovered what your best Kratom for pain is.

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