What is the Best Kratom Strain?

best kratom strain

Choosing the Best Kratom Strain

Given that there are dozen of strains available on the market today, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you.  The best Kratom strain for one may not necessarily be the best strain for another.  This is because each person has different needs from the plant and each person reacts differently to its effects.  The geographic origin, color and speed of the strain are all factors that affect the outcome it has on its user.

It should be noted that the general effects of the Kratom plant will transcend the effects of an individual strain to a certain extent.  This means that many of the same benefits can be experienced from the use of different strains.  While each strain is unique in its own way, they are all similar in nature.

Strain Location

There are three main countries in Southeast Asia and Indochina where Kratom grows: Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Each country has its own distinct strains of Kratom that grow there.  Kratom also grows in other countries such as Africa and Vietnam, but the majority of the product come from the main three.  Let’s take a look at each individual country for some general guidelines. 

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Often referred to as the birthplace of Kratom, Thailand is home to many popular strains of the Mitragyna Speciosa plant.  The Thai strains are known for being more energetic and generally fall under the “fast” category.  The unique alkaloid profile of Thai Kratom often provokes different reactions between different users.

For example, the Red Vein strains are often very calming for the mind, alleviating stress and anxiety, while also soothing muscle or joint pains.  The white and green vein Thai strains offer more stimulation and energy in most who use them.

The most known and sought after type of Thai Kratom is Maeng Da Kratom.  Recognized by its powerful and dramatic effects, this particular strain can provide strong pain relieving properties along with extreme focus and energy.  The effects of this strain are said to produce feelings of euphoria that can permeate throughout your body.


The largest degree of strain variety comes from Indonesia.  The countries diverse environment is ideal for the growth and production of the plant and it grows abundantly there.  You can find an Indo strain with practically any effect that you are looking for.  Indo strains can be energetic but also moderate or sedative depending on your dosage.  The popular Bali Kratom strain comes from this region and is known for its pain relieving abilities as well as relaxing qualities. White vein Indo, on the other hand, is remarked as being a stimulating and highly energetic strain.

UEI or ultra enhanced Indo is an enhanced Kratom extract formulation that is made from premium Indonesian strains.  UEI Kratom is known as the strongest and most potent Kratom in the world and is sought after by Kratom connoisseurs everywhere.  As you can see, Indo Kratom is very diverse.


Malay Kratom is typically more moderate than other strains. It is known for its smooth qualities.  Green Malay, specifically, has long been known as one of the longest-lasting strains.  Many remark on this strain’s unique nootropic effects, which, despite heavy stimulation, can increase focus and patience for long periods of time.  It is not uncommon to experience the effects of Malaysian strains for six hours or more.

Although Malaysian Kratom strains are not as highly available as Thai and Indo, they have a dedicated following of users.  These strains are popular among students due to their interesting affects on mental functions.

Speed & Color

Beyond their physical location, Kratom strains can be separated into three distinct speed groups: slow (sedating), moderate and fast (stimulating).

fast strain will produce energetic feelings, encourage productivity and allow you to get more done.  Stimulating strains are for people who need to sustain energy and focus for long periods of time.

moderate strain will still motivate and excite you but will not deliver as much energy as a fast strain would.  Moderate strains are used by many as their go-to strain.  The effects are smooth, yet potent.

slow strain, as you may have guessed, is more relaxing and less stimulating.  A sedating strain is helpful to those who are in need of pain relief.  They can also help you sleep and lift your mood.

In addition to speed and location, Kratom types can also be distinguished by their color.  The color refers to the stem and vein of the plant before it was picked and turned into powder.  Most powder is generally green in color with some exceptions.

The three color types are the red vein, white vein and green vein Kratom.  Other colors may be available, but they are just a derivative of the original three.  Generally speaking, the red veins are usually more relaxing.  Green vein strains can be both relaxing and stimulating and seem to cause a good deal of mental clarity.  White vein strains are the most energetic and can provide extreme focus and concentration.

Best Kratom Strain?

As with all aspects of a strain, the effects shouldn’t be over generalized by location, color or speed.  These are great indicators of the possible effects that you will feel, but everyone reacts a little differently.

Don’t be overwhelmed by all of the Kratom types out there.  Part of the fun when first starting out with Kratom is experimenting with the different strains.  As you become more experienced and comfortable with incorporating Kratom into your life, you will discover what your best Kratom strain is.

Often times the best thing for beginners to do is to buy a Kratom variety pack.  This allows them to experience the effects of different Kratom strains and can help introduce a new user to the different options available to them.

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