Daily Kratom Use | A First-hand Account

daily kratom use

* This article has been submitted by a Kratom enthusiast as a guest post.  The information herein is opinion based and founded on personal experience from taking Kratom daily.  It does not represent the views of kratomrevealed.com

Thoughts and Reflections on Daily Kratom Use

I have been using a natural herbal compound called Kratom nearly every day for the past two 2 years.

Choosing to add this plant into my daily routine has been a life-changing decision for me.

If you are active in the Kratom community (especially the online forums) you will sometimes hear people say that taking Kratom every day is not good.  They claim that tolerance and addiction are inevitable.

Most of these claims come from irresponsible users or from people that clearly have no idea what they’re talking about.

There is, of course, a right way and a wrong way to use Kratom.

In this article, I will describe to you the right way and try to help dispel some of the rumors that have been circulating around the internet.

My observations are based on personal experiences.  I will cover the pros and the cons of this lifestyle and give an honest account of what daily Kratom use looks like.

Using Kratom Daily has Accelerated My Life Tremendously!  With it…

The last two years have been the best years of my life .  There are many things that I don’t think I would have been able to accomplish without the help of this plant.  Or if I did, it would have taken me much longer and wouldn’t have been nearly as enjoyable.  Kratom has truly been a life changer for me and has produced some specific results…

I am much more productive

By using Kratom daily I have the ability to get so much more done now than I used to.  Increased productivity is after all one of the alluring effects.  Kratom usage allows me to be “on” all of the time.  This means that I am constantly getting work done.  I have a ton of energy and will often work for 12+ hours straight without even noticing.  This plant gives me sustainable energy much like coffee but with more focus and without the crash.

I am happier

I have experienced a notable increase in my overall mood.  I’ve always been a happy person but with the addition of Kratom to my life I feel so much more “elevated.”  I never feel “messed up” or anything like that.  On the contrary, I feel quite clear, motivated and in control at all times.  I am practically always in a great mood.  Being happy brings so many great things into my life.

I have less pain

I suffer from chronic back pain and tendinitis in my joints.  With daily Kratom use, the pain is almost unnoticeable.  I no longer need to take prescription medications to get through my days.  For me, this plant has been a godsend.

I have better relationships

Kratom seems to make life more enjoyable and I don’t get stressed out or anxious as much.  Being in a state such as this has improved my relationships with others.  When you are always in an optimistic state of bliss then it is easier to get along with people.  Happiness is contagious after all.

Other Notable Effects Include…

Appetite Suppression

A nice side effect to extended Kratom use is appetite suppression.  I eat healthy and exercise often so staying ripped isn’t too hard for me, but Kratom does help me keep a lean physique.  If you are already overweight, Kratom may even help you to lose some excess fat.

Increase in Sex Drive

Kratom works as a bit of an aphrodisiac for me.  I have a very high sex drive normally and with Kratom my sex drive does not drop and I am able to last longer in bed.  This is a welcome side effect for me.  For others Kratom has a negative effect on their sex drive, but I can’t comment on that personally.

Occasional Constipation

When I first started using Kratom I would often get constipated.  I didn’t like this at all and even considered giving it up because of this reaction.  I did some experimenting and found that when I drink more than one gallon of water a day (which everyone should anyway), take a magnesium supplement in the morning and eat a well balanced diet with some fiber that this problem no longer persisted.

It seems that some people are more prone to constipation than others.  If you are using Kratom and experiencing constipation than use the tips that I discussed above and it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

I Am Still “Me” When Using Kratom

Kratom doesn’t make me feel like a different person or affect who I am in any way.  Instead, I feel like Kratom allows me to be a better version of myself.

If I don’t use Kratom for a few days I don’t change into someone else.  I am still me, and I still feel the same way–just not as peppy.  Kratom is not a “drug” so don’t fear it.

I believe in taking Kratom to accelerate my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I still have bad days like everyone else so please don’t get that confused.  However, I feel that my bad days aren’t as bad and my good days are much more enhanced.

I know what you’re thinking…Should I really use Kratom every day?  Isn’t there a risk of addiction or dependency? 

Let me let you in on a little secret…incorporating the use of Kratom into your lifestyle is no different than following a strict diet or vitamin regimen.  Don’t overthink the “daily use ” thing.  Kratom is completely safe to use.

In fact, it is practically identical to drinking coffee every day, since Kratom belongs to the same botanical family as the coffee plant.  Your risk of dependency or withdrawal are no more than that of coffee drinkers.  In fact, caffeine withdrawals are much harsher than those of Kratom and studies show that more than 50% of American adults drink coffee every day!

I mention this only because occasionally someone might question you for taking something every day.  Just because they have never heard of it they will automatically think negatively about it. This is quite common and should not bother you.  As the saying goes, “haters gonna hate,”  Instead of feeling bad about yourself, BE CONFIDENT.  Daily Kratom usage is nothing to be ashamed about and everyone who I am close to is very supportive of my lifestyle.

Everyone who strives to be great, is doing something to make them perform better.  Taking a performance enhancing compound like Kratom is a smart move for most.

If someone you know is uneducated to the ways of the Kratom plant, then educate them.  Send them to this site, let them sample some Kratom and show them how great it can be.  The fact of the matter is that taking Kratom will be a total game-changer for a lot of you.

Daily Kratom use does require some fore-thought

In order for you to get the most out of this lifestyle though, you need to put some thought into how you develop your Kratom schedule.  A common mistake that people make when first started out is taking the same type of Kratom for weeks at a time.

It is very important if you’re going to use Kratom on a daily basis that you alternate strains so that you keep your receptors fresh to the effects of the plant.

If you don’t do this then you will develop what is known as Same Strain Syndrome.  This happens when you use a specific strain of Kratom too often and then become immune to its effects and have to raise your dosage to feel the effects again.  This is the wrong way to use Kratom and leads to tolerance.

If you’re going to be using Kratom daily, take my advice and spend the extra time to sit down and make yourself a Kratom schedule.  This will help you tremendously and allows you to stay organized.  Feel free to copy my schedule below until you get the hang of it.  Then once you have identified which strain is best for you, you can customize a routine that fits into your own life.

A daily user should use one strain for every day of the week and should ONLY use one strain a day.  By using one strain a day, and rotating strains daily you have the advantage of variety on your side.  Same Strain Syndrome does not occur to someone that has a well thought out Kratom schedule.

It is important to keep a few things in mind when developing and maintaining your schedule for daily Kratom use.

  • Try not to use two similar strains back to back
  • Never use more than one strain in a day
  • Keep a minimum of 5 strains on hand (7 or more is preferred)
  • Plan ahead

A sample week of Kratom usage may look like this:

[table id=4 /]

* The funny sounding names are private label Kratom types from Happy Hippo Herbals, a recommended vendor.

You do not have to use the same schedule week in and week out.  In fact, I encourage you to switch up your schedule as often as you want so that you can experience all of the unique strains that the plant has to offer.  Just be sure to keep in mind the points that I covered in this article and I know that daily Kratom use is going to be life-changing for a lot of you.

Taking Kratom Daily is as Easy as Having Your Morning Coffee

This plant helps to elevate my productivity, motivation and overall health.  Its side effects are negligible, its price is reasonable and it is legal in most places.  Daily Kratom use isn’t for everyone but for me it is a no-brainer.  If you have any questions about taking Kratom daily or Kratom usage in general or anything else from this guide then please comment below and I’d be happy to explain in more detail.

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Helena - 2017-01-01

Im a daily user of Kratom for almost 2 yrs. I take a small dose 2g in the afternoon after work and sometimes before bed.

It has taken away my RLS symptoms and gives me energy to focus on daily tasks after work. Before Kratom I had trouble sleeping.
I have had zero side effects and have never had tolerence issues.
Finding Kratom helped me reduce the use of other medications like ibuprofan. I am very healthy and able to run a business, home life and kids. It is a great article, and I agree the truth about a natural drug.

Daniel - 2017-03-04


Thanks for the post, lots of great information. I was just wondering if you could go into more detail about your daily dosage size, and frequency throughout the day. Also, I have been feeling a few side effects, ie. anxiety, irritability, and slight depression and fogginess when i dont take it. Is there anything you recommend to help counteract these effects?

Thanks again for the post!


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