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green vein kratom

Why Are There Different Color Kratom Veins?

To understand what Kratom type you should take to achieve your desired effects, it is first important to understand how the Mitragyna Speciosa tree is classified.  When you hear terms like white vein, red vein, and green vein, they are referring to the color of the the stem and vein (the line running through the center) of the actual Kratom leaf.

If you were to inspect a raw leaf you could notice that different plants or strains have different color veins.  This portion is usually removed during the grinding process and is untraceable in Kratom powder.  Most powder ends up being a greenish color but there are certain strains that appear darker or lighter than others.  Each color of Kratom vein is characteristic of different effects and represents a different strain of the plant.

What is Green Vein Kratom?

Now that you understand what a Kratom vein is, it is pretty obvious that green vein Kratom is simply a Kratom leaf that has a “green colored vein” running through its center.  These particular strains are known for being moderate in their effects with a good mix of stimulating and sedating properties.

Many users report that the green vein varieties are effective mood enhancers and can provide analgesic properties.  Green strains are particularly known for being long-lasting strains.  Some claim that their effects can be felt up to eight hours after consumption.

What Are The Effects?

Common effects of green vein Kratom strains include long-lasting energy, lessened sensitivity to pain, increased productivity and enhanced mood.  Some describe the mood enhancing properties of these strains as producing feelings of euphoria.  It is no wonder that fans of green vein strains often use it to combat anxiety and/or depression.

Besides strong feelings of optimism, these strains can also blunt out physical pain without making one drowsy.  Green Kratom is enjoyed by manual laborers that need decreased sensitivity to pain along with powerful stimulation.  For many, green vein Kratom is the best of both worlds.  Like any strain, finding an optimal dose is crucial for achieving your desired effects.

What Are Popular Green Vein Varieties?

Green Vein Malay

This particular strain is known for being one of the longest lasting strains.  Users report that green vein Malay has impressive nootropic effects such as increased focus and concentration.

Green Vein Borneo

A moderate strain that is great for providing energy as well as providing mental clarity.  Considered to be well rounded in its effects.

Green Vein Indo

Similar to the green Malay, green Indo strains are a long-lasting and effective Kratom variety.

Closing Thoughts

If you are new to Kratom, then you owe it to yourself to sample as many vein varieties as you can.  Only then will you settle on a type that suits your needs.

Often times the best thing for beginners to do is to buy a Kratom variety pack.  This allows them to experience the effects of different Kratom types and can help introduce a new user to the different options available to them.

Green Vein Kratom For Sale

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