How Long Does Kratom Last?

how long does kratom last

How Long Will Kratom Effects Last?

If you are wondering how long does Kratom last, the answer to that question is dependent on many variables.  The quality of the Kratom, the form in which it was taken and the amount taken all play a factor in how long the effects will last.  Individual body composition is also a very important variable to consider when determining duration of effects.

A low dose of Kratom from a poor vendor may only produce slight effects for an hour or so.  A high dose of a powerful Kratom extract can provide noticeable effects for 8 hours or more.  Some claim that Green Malaysian strains can last up to 10 hours.

So how long does Kratom last?  Anywhere from 1-10 hours it would seem, but the average duration of effects from a typical Kratom dose and mid-strength strain is 2-6 hours.  Bali Kratom is an example of a fast-acting strain, while Maeng Da Kratom is a good example of a longer lasting one.

Kratom tinctures and resins are also known to move through the body a little quicker than usual, while many users have found that Kratom tea can produce effects all day when continually sipped.  In the end, experimentation and experience will determine what your optimal effect duration is and what strain you prefer to use to accomplish your desired effects.

Does Kratom Have a Shelf-life?

Weather you decide to consume Kratom powder, Kratom tea, Kratom capsules or any other type of Mitragyna Speciosa product, you are going to be restrained to a shelf-life because Kratom is an organic plant.  Natural plant matter does not stay fresh forever, and Kratom is no exception.  Each form of Kratom will stay “fresh” for different periods of time.

Unless you are buying large quantities of wholesale Kratom, the average Kratom user will not have to worry about their product going bad.  The most important factor is to purchase your Kratom from a competent vendor that has a fast turn-around time.

If your supplier is dealing in quality product and turning over their inventory every month or so then you have nothing to worry about.  Any one of the vendors found in our recommended vendor section on the right side of this page will fall under this category.

Not all vendors are this way though.  There are vendors that allow fresh Kratom to sit for months or even years in warehouses before it arrives at your door.  By this time, the alkaloids have lost a large amount if not all of their potency.  This type of product will require high doses and provide uneven effects.  As you can see, the source of your plant is by far the most important factor in having fresh leaves.

To ensure freshness, all Kratom leaves and powder should be consumed within 3 months of purchase.  It will keep for longer than this, of course, but there is proof that potency may begin to decline after this period of time.  It should be noted that if extreme precautions are taken (more on this below) then Kratom can be stored for much longer than this without any drastic reduction in alkaloid content.  Again, quality is of utmost importance here.

How Long Does Kratom Last When Stored Properly?

Assuming that you have purchased fresh Kratom, you can store it safely for several months without risk of alkaloid deterioration, and up to one year or longer by following these tips, which are particularly useful if you are buying your Kratom in bulk.  Let’s look at how to store your Kratom.

Ways to extend Kratom shelf-life…

  • Store in a cool, dark place away from moisture and direct sunlight.  (most important)
  • Seal in an airtight container.  Consider vacuum sealing large amounts and double or triple bagging them to increase freshness.
  • Keep in a temperature controlled room.  Fluctuations in temperature affect potency over time.
  • For extra fresh Kratom and extended potency, place sealed bags into the freezer.  Must be airtight to keep out moisture.

By following the above list, you may be able to extend the shelf life of your plant to several years, but it is still recommended to consume all purchases within 3 months or so to guarantee the highest quality effects.


How long does Kratom last?  Well it seems that the effects can last from 1 to 10 hours and the integrity of the plant can last from 3 months to three years or more.  As you can see, the answers to these questions are highly variable and dependent on many factors.

We have discussed the best practices to determine how long your Kratom will last.  The duration of effects and the shelf-life of the plant is determined mostly by the individual Kratom user and their knowledge about the care and use of this herb.

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