Kratom Extract: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

kratom extract

What is Kratom Extract

An extract is a form of concentrated Kratom product that has been brewed or infused in some way so that it has a higher alkaloid content than plain-leaf Kratom.  As a result of this process, extracts are effective at very low doses in comparison to traditional methods and are generally much stronger.

In its simplest form, a Kratom extract is made by boiling Kratom leaves in water and reducing the mixture through evaporation.  Once the water evaporates, the remaining contents are strained and filtered, leaving behind a highly concentrated extract solution.

This solution can then be dried, ground and made into an extract powder like UEI Kratom (the gold standard), or solidified and made into any number of products such as a Kratom tincture, Kratom liquid or Kratom resin.

The goal of making any extracted form of Kratom is to provide enhanced alkaloid content into a smaller, more portable size.  When done correctly, a Kratom extract can be convenient, practical and efficient.  Dependent upon the user, they may not always be considered cost effective, however, and can often cost more than plain-leaf Kratom.

To many, it would seem that these extracts posses a bit of novel character and are often sought after by connoisseurs of the Kratom plant to use on occasion or to mix with their regular variety of leaf to add to its effectiveness.  Others simply prefer the effects that extracts give over the effects of the less concentrated methods of consumption.

How to Use Kratom Extract

Kratom extracts are often graded in terms of strength.  For example, it is common to see Kratom extract for sale that is marketed as a 15× extract or a 50×.  These ratings represent the concentration of the extract by volume.  Therefore, a 15× extract powder consists of 1 gram of extract per 15 grams of plain-leaf Kratom that was used to make it.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the 15× extract will be 15 times stronger than a 1× extract because there are no standard concentration levels for the active alkaloids in the Kratom plant.  The numbers can be a good starting point but the most important factor in buying a good extract is to use a vendor that you know and trust.

If their plain Kratom powder is of good quality then it is safe to assume that their extracts will be of equal quality.  It is generally good practice to steer clear of head-shops or non-professional establishments.  Online vendors that specialize in high-quality, premium Kratom will offer the best products.  Click here to shop for extract online.

Kratom Extract Dosage

When considering how much extract to take, it is important to keep in mind the potent nature of the product.  If too much extract is consumed,  undesired side effects such as nausea or dizziness could be experienced.   It is usually recommended that a novice Kratom user begin using plain-leaf Kratom first before experimenting with extracts due to their added strength.

Exact dosage amount varies between users and is dependent on factors such as quality and concentration levels of the extract and individual body chemistry.  In general, extracts can be felt at doses as low as 1/4 of a gram and are generally considered to have strong and intense effects at around 3 grams.

For first-time extract users, it is good practice to start at a relatively low dose.  1/2 gram is generally enough to feel the threshold effects.  If you feel you need more, you may add an additional 1/4 to 1/2 gram (after allowing 20 minutes to pass) until you reach your desired outcome.  Dosing in this manner will allow your body to become accustomed to the Kratom extract at a rate that is comfortable.

It isn’t recommend to exceed the 5 gram mark when using extracts unless you are a very experienced user.  Most people will find that less is more when experimenting with extracts.  If you are using high-quality product from one of our recommended vendors, 1 to 2 grams should be plenty.   Many long-term users never go above this amount, while others take much more.  It just depends on what your goals are.

Below is the dosage guide that lists the basic layout of an extract dose.  It is recommend that most users stay within the mild and moderate ranges.  Many will require less.  Some may want more.

Note: These guidelines only pertain to extract powders.  Please refer to our other articles for information about Kratom tincture, Kratom resin and UEI Kratom.

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Kratom Extract Effects

It is often considered best practice to mix your extract with a small dose of plain-leaf Kratom in order to receive the best effects.  Unless the extract is a full spectrum derivative, the alkaloid content will be unbalanced and performs best when taken along side plain-leaf.

The effects received from an extract can be quite strong in comparison to plain-leaf Kratom.  Never-the-less, they are similar in nature.  Much like plain-leaf Kratom, low doses can be expected to provide stimulating effects, mood enhancement, an increase in energy levels and possible cognitive increases such as intensified focus or concentration.

Similarly, high doses of extracts can produce sedative or euphoric-like sensations in its users.  Pain relief, muscle relaxation, sleep aid and the ability to complete mundane and strenuous tasks with less discomfort are common effects reported by its users.

Things to Keep in Mind…

Due to the robust and concentrated nature of extracted Kratom products, the risk of developing tolerance is higher than usual.  Due to this, most users find it suitable to use it sparingly along side their normal routine for Kratom consumption.

Mixing it with regular Kratom powder helps to even out the effects and provide more of a full and invigorating experience for many.

Always be sure to use a trusted and reputable vendor with good reviews to determine whether a particular extract will meet your unique needs.

Kratom Extract For Sale

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kratom extract for saleThe Different Forms of Kratom Extracts:

This article was primarily focused on providing information about powdered extracts.  You may also be interested in learning about different forms of Kratom extracts and are invited to please enjoy our articles on Kratom Resin, Kratom Tincture and UEI Kratom.

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