Kratom Tea Recipe | Brew Kratom Effectively!

kratom tea recipe


A Kratom Tea Recipe to Top Them all

As opposed to taking Kratom pills or powder, brewing tea is more time consuming than other methods but many swear that it is worth the effort.

A pot of Kratom tea can last all day and give you clean energy and focus.

How to make Kratom Tea

Here is a simple yet effective Kratom tea recipe…

Total prep/cook time: 30 min

Items needed: Kratom, measuring utensil, pot, whisk, water bottle

Step 1

Gather your materials and add 8 grams of Kratom to the pot.

how to make kratom tea

 Step 2

Add 24 oz of water to the pot and place on medium heat for 20 min.  Stir the mixture initially and sporadically throughout the cooking process.

kratom tea recipe

Step 3 (Optional)

For additional flavor, add your favorite tea bags directly to the mixture.

kratom tea effects

 Step 4

Prepare your Kratom filter.  I like to place a metal strainer over a bowl and then place a coffee filter inside the strainer.  When done this way, your tea will be silky and devoid of any loose plant matter.

kratom tea

 Step 5

After 20 min has passed, remove your mixture from the heat and pour it into the strainer.

kratom tea

 Step 6

Once all of your tea has passed through the filter you will be left with something resembling the picture below.  From here you have a few different options.  You can discard the excess Kratom and enjoy the tea that you just brewed (this is wasteful), or you can reuse it in one of the following ways so that you extract all of the active alkaloids…

  • collect the plant matter and repeat the above steps to make a second batch of tea
  • empty the filter into a cup, mix with your favorite beverage and drink it as is
  • add it to any assortment of foods that you like (Tip: tastes good on pb&j)

kratom tea

 Step 7

Pour your fresh brewed Kratom tea into a cup and enjoy.  For added flavor you can add things like honey, lemon, ginger or cream.  I often use tart cherry juice as a mixer in my tea. Experiment with different things until you find a mixture that suits you.

buy kratom tea


Note:  This Kratom tea recipe assumes that you are using high quality Kratom.

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