Kratom Tolerance: How it Works & How to Prevent It

kratom tolerance

How to Avoid Kratom Tolerance

Prolonged use of the Mitragyna Speciosa plant may cause some people to become less sensitive to the effects that it produces.  This decreased sensitivity can lead to Kratom tolerance in some.  When a person’s tolerance begins to strengthen, they will often increase their dose size to compensate for the decrease in effects.

By doing this, the Kratom user’s cost per dosage increases and their tolerance to the plant is perpetuated even further.

It is believed that Kratom tolerance is mainly a risk to people who choose to use Kratom every day.  For those that use Kratom sporadically or less than 3 or 4 times a week, the risk of developing a dependency is much less.

According to user reports, the risk of Kratom tolerance can be mitigated through the use of strain alteration and alternative products such as the stem and vein portion of the Kratom leaf.

If tolerance gets to be too strong, it is usually advised to discontinue Kratom use for a week or two.  This break will greatly reduce any tolerance that has built up.

Alternate Strains

You will sometimes hear Kratom users discussing a phenomenon known as “Stagnant Strain Syndrome” or SSS.  When a particular strain of Kratom is used for a prolonged period of time without rotation,  the strain becomes “stagnant.”  It takes more and more of it to produce the same effects and tolerance is much more likely to occur as the effective dose is raised.

As you may know, there are many different types of Kratom in the world.  Each strain contains its own characteristic mix of active ingredients that is unique from other strains.  By using one specific strain repeatedly, our bodies are only exposed to a particular combination of alkaloids and are more likely to develop a tolerance.  When multiple strains are used, the alkaloid levels are varied and the body is forced to adapt.

The amount of time that it takes for this Kratom tolerance to develop is different for everyone.  Some people will experience SSS after only a couple of days, while others may be able to use the same strain for weeks at a time without developing a tolerance.

To avoid Stagnant Strain Syndrome, you need to use different types of Kratom, so that you are exposed to different mixes of alkaloids.  By alternating strains you are keeping your receptors fresh and resistant to tolerance and dependency.

For those that choose to use Kratom every day, it is suggested that a different strain is used each day.  Ideally, this means having up to seven strains available at all times.  Strains should be alternated by their type and effects as well.  Some forethought is required to do this correctly.  A typical schedule may look something like this… 

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* The funny sounding names are private label Kratom types from Happy Hippo Herbals, a recommended vendor.

Take a Break

Every so often it may be necessary to have a washout period.  By taking a week or so without using Kratom, your body is able to rid itself of its dependence.  Your receptors become fresh and your tolerance will drop drastically.  A good alternative to Kratom powder during this period is the use of stem and vein Kratom.

Stem and vein Kratom is still Kratom, just not the part of the plant that you are use to taking.  The stem and veins contain a different combination of alkaloids than the leafs do, and can help to lower your tolerance between long stretches of prolonged use.  Many people swear by its effectiveness.

Closing Thoughts

Avoiding significant Kratom tolerance is very doable and should be a goal to any Kratom user.  If you are only a part-time user than you are less-likely to develop a tolerance.  Daily Kratom users should take heed to these suggestions.

It can be helpful to have stem and vein Kratom available whenever you feel your tolerance getting too high.  Remember to use as low of a dose as possible to feel you’re desired effects.  Kratom is meant to enhance our lives, not impose on it.

* The aforementioned suggestions are generally applicable for users of non-enhanced Kratom products.  Enhanced Kratom products are less predictable and more suitable for advanced users.

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