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Is it Beneficial to Buy Kratom Wholesale?

Gone are the days where wholesale Kratom prices are reserved only to established businesses and head shops.  With the influx of the online marketplace for Kratom, there are now opportunities for the average man or woman to make bulk Kratom purchases at discounted prices.

If you are willing to shell out at least a couple hundred bucks, you have the ability to purchase large quantities of the plant at steeply discounted prices.  Forget paying $15 for an ounce of Kratom powder.  How does $5 or less sound?  These are the types of discounts you can expect to receive when purchasing in bulk.

Whether you do own a small business or you just happen to go through a lot of Kratom on your own, there are some obvious reasons why it is smart to buy Kratom wholesale.  The most apparent reason being that you will save money in the long-run.  It is simple economics really.  The more you buy, the cheaper it gets.

Where Can I Buy Wholesale Kratom?

Wholesale Kratom can be purchased online from many vendors.  Not all of these vendors offer quality product however.  Unfortunately there are companies that keep Kratom in warehouses for years at a time, only then to sell it in bulk shipments at heavily discounted prices…as low as $80/kg.  Generally, the lowest you should expect to pay for a decent batch of Kratom is around $200/kg.  Any lower than this is suspect in most cases.  You can expect to pay quite a bit more for premium plants.

Low quality Kratom may provide you with the results you are seeking but often will take 3-4 times the amount that a quality plant could provide.  There is also the possibility that the low-grade Kratom will not live up to your expectations at any dose and even produce unwanted side effects.

If you are an experienced Kratom user, then you know how important it is to have quality product.  If you frequent this site often, you also know that we only recommend vendors who are proven to offer superior Kratom.  We will not stand behind shoddy products or companies.

If you would like to purchase your Kratom in bulk, we will be recommending three of our approved vendors for wholesale Kratom services.  We stand behind these companies and know that they offer excellent products.

You can purchase Kratom wholesale online at Coastline Kratom, Happy Hippo Herbals and Kratom Crazy.  By purchasing your Kratom in bulk from one of these sites you are guaranteed to save money and receive premium grade Kratom in return.

Note: Kratom Crazy allows you to order kilograms directly from their shopping cart on their website.  Happy Hippo and Coastline Kratom require you to contact them to arrange their bulk orders.

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