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 maeng da kratom

Kratom Maeng Da: Is it Worth The Hype?

Maeng Da Kratom is perhaps the most sought after of all the Kratom strains.  Known for being extremely potent and stimulating, it is often praised for being the strongest strain available to Kratom users.

This particular strain originates from Thailand and is said to have been genetically engineered to possess higher concentrations of active alkaloids than other similar Thai strains, although it is hard to be certain if these accusations are true due to the lack of research in this area.

Historically, this strain was consumed greatly by the working class in Thailand.  Manual laborers, namely farmers, preferred the Maeng Da over other strains because it allowed them to work longer and harder hours without as much pain and discomfort.

It is speculated that the profound performance enhancing qualities are a product of the strain modification and give credence to the notion that Maeng Da certainly is an enhanced strain and superior to others.

Maeng Da leaves are distinguishable by their dark color and most usually produce powder that is a very bright green.

Maeng Da Kratom Effects

Maeng Da Kratom can be very stimulating, making its users feel more alert, awake and energized, especially when performing mundane, physical tasks.  It can also be sedating, offering pain relief and sleep aid to those in need of those types of effects.

This strain also offers intense mood enhancing properties, allowing its users to have feelings of happiness or contentment.  Some even claim to enjoy a sense of euphoria and a total increase in life enjoyment.  Effects such as these can do wonders for people with anxiety or depression related disorders.

Maeng Da possesses both the stimulating and sedating effects that quality Kratom can produce and can offer many different results depending on the dosage that is used.  Generally a lower dose (<5 grams) will produce stimulating effects and a higher dose (>5 grams) will produce more sedating effects.

The effects of this particular strain are known for being more pronounced than typical Kratom plants and may be too strong for some Kratom users.  Others will find that this strain suites their needs quite well.  Many people find that this strain can produce their desired effects at a mere 20% of their usual dose.  If you are a first-time user of Maeng Da Kratom then exercise caution when determining an optimal dose for you.

Closing Thoughts

To fully understand the unique strain profile of the Maeng Da Kratom variety, you must try it for yourself.  Only then will the mysticism that surrounds this plant truly be revealed to you.

This plant is quite rare in the way it offers so many different effects.  It could be said that this plant acts as an all-in-one type of strain, offering stimulation, sedation and mood enhancement when usually it would take many strains to produce all of those properties.

Is this all hype?  A clever marketing trick?  Or is this strain truly in a league of its own?  You be the judge…

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