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white vein kratom

Why Are There Different Color Kratom Veins?

To understand what Kratom type you should take to achieve your desired effects, it is first important to understand how the Mitragyna Speciosa tree is classified.  When you hear terms like white vein, red vein, and green vein, they are referring to the color of the the stem and vein (the line running through the center) of the actual Kratom leaf.

If you were to inspect a raw leaf you could notice that different plants or strains have different color veins.  This portion is usually removed during the grinding process and is untraceable in Kratom powder.  Most powder ends up being a greenish color but there are certain strains that appear darker or lighter than others.  Each color of Kratom vein is characteristic of different effects and represents a different strain of the plant.

What is White Vein Kratom?

Now that you understand what a Kratom vein is, it is pretty obvious that white vein Kratom is simply a Kratom leaf that has a “white colored vein” running through its center.  These particular strains are known for being more energetic than other strains and are often used for productivity and/or motivational purposes.

Many users report that the white vein varieties are a great alternative to coffee, providing clean focus and energy without the jittery feeling that caffeine is known for.  For this reason, many choose to take it in the mornings to jump-start their day.  This is usually not considered a relaxing Kratom type.  If taken late in the day, one may become restless.

What Are The Effects?

Aside from energy,  there have been reports of nootropic like qualities (cognitive enhancing) in the form of increased focus and even increased memory recall.  Nootropic drugs are not well-researched in general and these qualities could be anecdotal.  None the less, white vein Kratom strains are quite unique and can be great for those who need enhanced performance.

Mitragyna Speciosa, in general, possesses healing properties and is great for treating pain.  While white vein strains can produce these effects at certain doses, this trait is more common in red and green vein strains.  Everyone reacts differently to the alkaloids however, and pain relief can most certainly be achieved if the right steps are taken.  Like any strain, finding an optimal dose is crucial for achieving your desired effects.

What Are Popular White Vein Varieties?

White Vein Bali

This particular strain is energetic but slightly more soothing than most white vein varieties.  At higher doses (>5 grams) white vein Bali can begin producing sedative effects in some.

White Vein Maeng Da

The white vein variety of Maeng Da can be very stimulating and some may even find it over bearing.  This is a great strain for those needing enhanced performance, especially during physical endeavors.

White Horned Kratom

The horned Kratom varieties are more rare and slightly harder to find than most.  The white horned strain provides stimulation as well but has also been known to produce strong mood enhancement and euphoria in some users.

Closing Thoughts

White vein Kratom strains are great for energy, stimulation and mood enhancement.  These strains are a great addition to Kratom therapy sessions and a healthy alternative to coffee.

If you are new to Kratom, then you owe it to yourself to sample as many vein varieties as you can.  Only then will you settle on a type that suits your needs.

Often times the best thing for beginners to do is to buy a Kratom variety pack.  This allows them to experience the effects of different Kratom types and can help introduce a new user to the different options available to them.

White Vein Kratom For Sale

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